Dog Safety
    Tháng Ba 3, 2022

    Dog Breeding Experience With 9 Useful Tips

    The experience of raising a dog will determine whether the dog is healthy or not; then, the owner can be…
    Tháng Sáu 19, 2022

    Furless and very sick, he huddled alone, defeated and ashamed in a corner

    The plight of street dogs causes much sadness to us animal lovers. Forced to struggle to survive amidst the most…
    Tháng Tám 24, 2022

    Tiny Malnutritioned Dog Given Only 6 Months To Live, After 8 Year Barks Like A Duck

    A rescue group raided a puppy mill property and rescued many dogs. One of the dogs called Pipsqueak was given…
    Tháng Tám 6, 2022

    Rescue Homeless Dog Suffers From Horrific Skin Warts Full Of His Body

    In the province of Chonburi, this unfortunate homeless dog was discovered walking alone on the side of the road. He…
    Tháng Bảy 3, 2022

    Tiny Dog Runs Up To Cop And Starts Barking Loudly, Begs The Cop To Follow Him

    Police Officer Christopher Bisceglia from Orange, Massachusetts, was executing his routine responsibilities when a Scottish Terrier came running to him…
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