Tháng Tư 3, 2022

    A Speeding Train Took Her Legs But Her Resolve To Be A Mom Was Greater Than Anything

    How this fierce little warrior, named Si Bao, became a stray with two missing hind legs will break your heart.…
    2 tuần ago

    Father Sentenced To Jail For Killing The Family Puppy With An Axe

    On May 24 2o17, a 37 year old man was sentenced to eight months in prison for animal cruelty acts.…
    2 tuần ago

    Dog Living At A Garbage Dump Begged People To Take Him Home But No One Would

    A sweet dog, named Hercules, was living at a garbage dump. Every time someone came to dump their belongings, the…
    Tháng Năm 25, 2022

    Seeing Her Son Being Taken Away, Mother Dog Chased The Truck Non-Stop Until Exhausted

    A dog rescuer named Karlee was warned by some friends about the situation with several litters. A few puppies living…
    Tháng Năm 12, 2022

    He Was Born Different And Grew Up Fearing Humans & He is Sad

    It’s been a little while since we first found out about Quasimodo the dog, so we thought we’d catch you…
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