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10 Tips to Keep Dog’s Fur Silky

One of the factors that make up the beauty of the dog breed is the healthy, thick, and beautiful coat. Every time you take your dog out, everyone admires and compliments your dog’s fur. Begy will give you ten tips to keep the dog’s fur silky.

10 Tips to Keep Dog's Fur Silky
10 Tips to Keep Dog’s Fur Silky

Understanding dog skin and coat

Dog’ skin is more sensitive than human skin because it already has a thick protective coat. Human soap, shower gel, and dishwashing liquid with many chemicals, which are incredibly harmful to the skin, are not recommended to be used for bathing dogs. When the dog’s skin is weak and damaged, it will cause hair loss, making the dog and cat unable to have a beautiful coat. Dogs come in many coat styles: short, long, double, curly, and more. Silky fur has a stunning effect, but it is an important factor to help dogs, protect their skin. Moreover, it limits the dog’s wetness and moisture in the skin when it rains.

Heredity is important

If you are looking to buy puppies from parents with beautiful coats, the possibility that the puppies have thick, beautiful coats is very high. Beautiful genetic resources plus good care conditions will help dogs stay healthy and beautiful. If you are looking to buy a beautiful dog, look for reputable suppliers and make sure you have beautiful parents.

Create a favorable living environment

Dogs need a living space to move, play and develop. If the dog has good physical development, the body is healthy. The fur will be shiny by itself. You can see wolves, bears, and tigers with thin bones in nature, but their coat is still beautiful. Eating full does not mean the fur will be beautiful. Climatic conditions are essential for coat growth. Long-haired dogs prefer cold and dry climates to help their coat grow best. If you live in hot and humid weather, try to create the most incredible living environment for your dog, such as installing a fan system, cooling the roof, etc.

Choose a suitable shower gel.

Bathing dogs make their coat shiny and give them a lovely scent. For dogs with skin problems or sensitive skin, owners should buy shower gels with herbal extracts. When skin disease, do not use ordinary bath oil products but use therapeutic sprays or shower gels.

Brush the dog’s coat and massage the dog daily

10 Tips to Keep Dog's Fur Silky
Brushing helps keep the coat healthy and good

Brushing and massaging is one of the tips to keep dog’s fur silky. This helps keep the dog’s coat smooth and tangle-free. It also helps the blood circulation on the surface of the dog’s skin better. The massage also makes the dog healthier, which helps keep the skin and coat healthy. However, it is also essential to pay attention to choosing the right comb and comb teeth not to hurt the skin or break the hair when combing. Daily brushing and massage also help increase the bond between dogs and their owners.

Prevent and kill parasites

Internal parasites such as worms, worms or external parasites such as ticks, lice, and scabies will affect the skin and coat of the dog. External parasites affect directly through nesting, causing damage to the dog’s skin surface, leading to dermatitis, skin ulcers, and hair loss. Internal parasites lose blood and suck nutrients in the dog’s body, causing blood loss, lack of nutrients, weakening the body, and making the coat not beautiful.

Reasonable diet

A diet rich in protein, fresh food, vitamins, and omega 3–6 fatty acids is very beneficial for your dog’s skin and coat. When cooking dog food, you can add one teaspoon of olive oil, sesame oil, or sesame oil (do not add too much to lead to diarrhea). Supplement nutrients through dietary supplements or fresh diets. Some farms feed dogs with fresh food that also helps to keep the dog’s skin shiny. However, eating naturally can be a source of infection with helminths and other bacteria. Adding two raw eggs a week to your dog is also a great way to keep your dog’s coat shiny. You need to train your dog to eat fresh food to avoid digestive problems.

Use hair oils

Coconut oil works very well for hair care or specialized hair oils and conditioners for dogs. These products can be used when bathing dogs.

  • Apply oil all over the dog
  • Use your hands to rub and massage to help the oil penetrate to the hair roots.
  • Incubate for 3-5 minutes, then rinse with water and remember to dry the baby’s hair after bathing.

Above, Begy has shared our experiences on the issue of taking care of a beautiful coat for dogs. I hope this information will be helpful advice for you. Thank you, guys!

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