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11-signs-that-your-cat-is-liking and loving you

Cats are notoriously difficult to liking and loving you and understand their behavior, but it turns out we can totally understand how they show affection.

Cat headbutts friend affectionately

If a person headbutts you, it may not be a sign of affection. However, for cats, headbutting you is one of the signs that they are liking and loving you.

In addition, cats can use the fur on the top of their heads to mark their territory. Cats have scent glands on their chin, cheeks, forehead, and lips. By rubbing their faces against you, cats are releasing a unique scent on you and marking you as someone they love.

Its tail is always jerking at the top or curling around your feet

A cat’s tail reveals a lot about its mood. If its tail is upright and slightly arched, it could be a sign that it is feeling confident.

In addition, if its tail curls around your legs or arms, it is also their way of showing affection to you.

They show off their belly to you

Once a cat voluntarily shows its belly to you, you have won the cat’s trust. This behavior shows pampering and liking its owner.

If the cat was lying on the floor next to you and rolling around, many people would consider it a very cute act of it. And many owners love this. It shows that the cat likes you and loves to be petted.

A purr means that the cat is happy to be with you

Cat purring behavior is only present especially in people they love. They never purr with other cats, with the exception of kittens.

Each time the cat’s owner’s side shows weakness and purrs when the owner is around. This behavior shows that the cat loves it.

Cats bring “gifts” to you

Although they may not be what you want, cats see what they bring to you as a “gift,” such as dead mice, frogs, bugs, or trash.

That gift is very dirty, but this behavior often happens. Simply because they consider you a relative. Cats love those animals and you will find that every day cats will bring you home to annoy you.

When the cat gnaws on you

A less common sign is when your cat has a habit of gnawing or biting lightly on parts of your body. This is very normal behavior and you should be careful if you don’t want to leave blood.

A cat will sometimes bite people it loves. This is definitely distinguishable from a real bite. If your cat treats you like a toy and is gnawing and chewing, it could be a sign that the cat is very fond of you.

Cats purr when around you

Although it may sound strange to non-cat owners, some cats make high-pitched gurgling or interacting sounds, especially when they feel comfortable around you. .

These sounds are different from the typical meow sounds and usually only appear when they are feeling happy or excited. If your cat purrs from time to time, it’s probably time to feel good.

It follows you constantly

If your cat insists on jumping in bed with you, sneaking into the bathroom while you’re bathing, or watching you eat, you’re probably the most important person to him.

The fact that they watch you even when it’s almost mealtime is also a sign that your cat is very fond of you. Or this behavior shows a desire for something. So you should monitor and pay attention to cats.


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