“Iron Man is the worst”: Joe Rogan Defends Robert Downey Jr’s MCU Legacy by Refusing to Agree With JRE Podcast Guest

Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man is one that made history when it came to the superhero genre. His movie started the Marvel Cinematic Universe and he was the hero that was the focus of the franchise from the first phase to the fourth. What Iron Man and Downey started can only be deemed as something unique and extraordinary.

Robert Downey Jr.

To see Tony Stark’s entire journey on screen has been an experience of its own. There aren’t many who have something awful to say about him. While Iron Man may not be everyone’s favorite, nobody in particular dislikes the hero. So it came as a surprise when David Choe was against the actor on the Joe Rogan Experience.

Joe Rogan Stood Up For Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man

While on his podcast with guest David Choe, Joe Rogan was met with a controversial opinion. Choe stated that he was never a fan of Iron Man and his comics, claiming that no one would read them either. This caught Rogan by surprise and he immediately jumped to defend the hero.

Robert Downey Jr.

“The fact that we live in a world now where Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Iron Man,” Choe said. “Iron Man is like the worst. No one reads Iron Man.”

Rogan added that he always used to read comics about the hero and would collect as many of them as possible. He was an avid reader of Robert Downey Jr’s hero and most of his childhood went with Iron Man comics. Even though Choe tried to classify him as a unique person in doing so, Rogan corrected him by saying Iron Man had been a very popular hero when he was a kid. In fact, everyone used to read his comics and was heavily interested in them as well.

Joe Rogan Was More Into Marvel Than DC Comics

Joe Rogan, while defending Iron Man, also added that he had always been more of a Marvel fan than DC. He found Hulk, Spider-Man, and Iron Man far more interesting than Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman.

Joe Rogan

“I was a Marvel guy, I really didn’t get into DC comics that much,” he continued. “I know they’re old but like DC, it reminds me of like a different World War II mentality or something. Like the origin stories for these people, it was more clunky.”

To him, it was the heroes you could relate to and connect to rather than someone who came from a different planet altogether. He found the Marvel heroes like Downey’s Iron Man to be more of what the world of today could relate to. From their origin stories to their personalities.