Celebrating Their $15 Million Investment’s Success, XFL Owner Dwayne Johnson Sends Three-Word Message to Millionaire Ex-wife and Co-owner

Vince McMahon founded XFL almost two decades ago. But for some reason or the other couldn’t push it to great heights as he did with his pro wrestling promotion, WWE. In early 2020 he tried to relaunch the league, but it went bankrupt before even a ball was kicked. Therefore, he had to sell it. Dwayne Johnson and his ex-wife, Dany Garcia, along with Gerry Cardinale’s RedBird Capital, bought it from him for $15 million. The entire deal took place for $15 million in August 2020. The following year, in 2023, another XFL season took place and this time it saw significant results.

The 2023 XFL season began in February and ended in mid-May. Upon the success of the first XFL season under his leadership, ‘The People’s Champion’ shared a beautiful message for his ex-wife on social media.

Dwayne Johnson expresses his gratitude towards Dany Garcia

Going to his Instagram account, ‘The Brahma Bull’ celebrated the success of his XFL season. He shared a bunch of photos from the finale of the season, which the Arlington Renegades won.

He also left a big thank you note for his ex-wife on the post, which started with three words: “We did it.”

Joy and satisfaction oozed out of his post as he penned down yet another of his success story on social media. He congratulated the winning team and the head coach of the team on their grand victory. Then he confessed how his ex-wife put forward the idea to buy XFL in the first place in 2020.

He mentioned how “very surreal” the complete experience is for him. He feels extremely happy that his $15 Million Investment turned out successful as a result of his and his ex-wife’s “relentless hard work” and “passion” that created “The League of Opportunity.”

At last, he ended his heartfelt message by stating how thankful he is to the entire XFL organization and all the fans who showed their immense love and support throughout the entire season. To see his dream come true surely must be a wholesome experience for him.

‘The Great One’ started the league with the dream to help shape the careers of several young and talented football players. He was a huge football fan himself. But he couldn’t pursue his dream. However, that didn’t stop him from helping others who share the same dream as him.

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