Despite Winning 7 WDCs & Demolishing Numerous F1 Records, Lewis Hamilton’s Humility Hailed as His Biggest Quality by Former McLaren Member

Success makes one arrogant, and failure makes one humble. One would not call Lewis Hamilton a failure after all the success he has had in F1. With 7 titles and 103 wins under his belt, he should be the most arrogant person, right? No, he probably is right up alongside Sebastian Vettel when it comes to being humble. Maybe that’s why they always have each other’s back. Let’s dive deeper as a Former McLaren member hails the Briton for his humility.

The F1 drivers are expected to be the best drivers in the world. The drivers have an ego to maintain and cannot be seen as weak. Hence, they portray the image of never being at fault, even when it is their fault. Lewis Hamilton has broken multiple records and is arguably the best F1 driver of all time. Regardless, this fear has not gotten to his head, as his humility was recently praised.

While many F1 drivers are egoistic and never accept their fault, Hamilton is different when it comes to this. Despite the Briton having an image of being a crybaby, he never puts the blame on something else until and unless it really is someone else’s fault. Former Senior Director at McLaren, Sam Michael, recently agreed to this fact. He explained how many F1 drivers blame an external factor when they’re not winning. However, during his time at McLaren, Hamilton never did it and always accepted his mistakes, which helped him process his weaknesses.

According to the F1: Beyond the Grid podcast, Sam Michael talked about drivers blaming external factors. He said, “This sort of ego and confidence requires them to say that something else must’ve happened for me to not win that race. There’s enough variability in F1 that you can always find something because you’ve got the setup, the start, and all of those things.”

Coming to Hamilton and praising his humility, he added, “I don’t think Lewis was like that so from my experience of working with him at McLaren; By the way, there’s a downside to being like that [not accepting the mistakes] you may not properly process your weaknesses. And I have to say Lewis is very good at that. He might’ve been emotional. But no one is going to go ‘Hey everyone, I’m bad at something’. That’s human nature. But I don’t think I saw the signs of Lewis being to the point where he was resistant to ‘I made a mistake”

The Briton isn’t only humble but classy as well. Known to be a social activist, Hamilton recently showed his class as he praised Yuki Tsunoda for the contributions that he made to help out the people in Emilia Romagna.

Lewis Hamilton shows class by praising Yuki Tsunoda

Yuki Tsunoda and his Alpha Tauri teammates have been all hands on deck as the floods in Emilia Romagna affected the people. Tsunoda, in a video, explained how the floods have impacted the region and how the people are suffering. He asked for people around the world to help with whatever they could. Lewis Hamilton praised Yuki Tsunoda for the work that he has done. The Japanese driver swept the street in Faenza in order to help out.

According to, Lewis Hamilton, on his Instagram story captioned “Big up to @yukitsunoda0511 and team for leading by example and helping out on the ground,” as he shared Yuki Tsunoda’s video.

What do you make of Sam Michael’s comments on Lewis Hamilton’s humility?