Steph Curry Reacts to Carmelo Anthony Retiring

Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry shared a message for Melo

NBA legend Carmelo Anthony announced his retirement from the NBA on Monday, prompting reactions and messages from the entire basketball world. Golden State Warriors superstar Steph Curry shared his reaction and message to Anthony on Instagram with a picture of the two legends along with some kind words:

So many players were inspired by Melo’s game, as his ability to score the basketball has been rivaled by few who have played the sport. One of the game’s more disrespected stars, Melo has been getting the love he deserves over the last two days. There is often a disconnect between the way a player is discussed by the media, and the way he is viewed by his peers. This is something players often talk about, and Melo is a perfect example of that.

Viewed as an all-time great by those he competed with and against, Melo is rightfully being celebrated by the NBA community after announcing his retirement from a Hall-of-Fame career. With Steph Curry being one of the latest to show love, Melo’s announcement continues to be met with support from around the NBA world.

Melo’s combination of dominance and longevity is something so many players strive for, as the 10-time All-Star was able to play until age 37 by adapting his game to become a reliable role player after so many seasons as a superstar.