3 Kittens Meow to Stranger for Help

Cat Man Chris aka Chris Poole, is a self confessed Crazy Cat Guy!

He is also cat dad to Cole (sadly now passed over the rainbow bridge), Marmalade, Jugg and Zig Zag.

He spends a lot of time caring for the community cats in his area, fostering kittens and promotes the “don’t shop, adopt” approach to make people aware of the crazy amount of cats and kittens that arrive in animal shelters every year that need to be adopted.

In this video he is out and about feeding the feral cats in his area when he spots three kittens that are all by themselves.

They are quite friendly so believes that an uncaring human just dumped them on the streets.

Knowing that they are not capable of looking after themselves at such an early age, he tries to rescue them so they have a chance of being adopted into a caring family.

Watch the video:

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