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4 Tips train cats sleep in the right place

You have prepared a place for the cat but rest around on the furniture, causing you many troubles.So how do cats sleep in the right place? So how do cats sleep in the right place? Only with the following tips, your cat will be obedient and form good habits.

Create a comfortable place to live


Just like humans, a cozy and warm sleeping place will make your cat sleep much better. If the owner knows how to put the cat sleep properly, eliminate the diseases.

Therefore, prepare a very soft nest, add a cotton towel or mattress to add warmth to your cat’s sleep in the right place. These things will help cats avoid diseases such as allergies, …. because cats are inherently short-haired animals, so bacteria can easily penetrate.

Train your cat sleep in the right place based on their smell.

Cats are animals with a very good sense of smell. The cat’s smelly objects are very conservative and wherever the cat goes, it will return to that place.

You can borrow clothes or blankets that smell like cats to trick your cat into feeling familiar. The cat will begin to smell it and when it sees the smell of the cat in the new litter, it will lie down without any comments.

Make a habit of sleep in the right place

Whenever you see a cat sleeping in the wrong place, you should carry the cat to a new nest. If the cat leaves, command the cat to come back, repeat often, your pet cat will know where his cat sleeps.

Decorate the bedroom near your room

This will help you easily observe and adjust your habits immediately. You know if the cat is sleeping in the right place and observe the behavior every day.

However, clean regularly because around cats there are many bacteria, if you do not bathe daily, those bacteria will spread through the body and affect your health.

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