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4 Keep Cat Safe During Summer

To keep cats safe in the summer, their owners should take measures because this is an ideal environment for diseases to develop.

Stay away from party food and drinks to cat safe during summer

In BBQ parties, if there are cats and dogs present, you need to place the grill pan at a height beyond their reach, because the attractive scent from the barbecue often attracts them close.

This is the season of parties so to keep your cat safe during summer you should pay attention to it because if the cat can get injured. Anh it can help cat safe in the summer.

Do not go near fireworks display sites

The fireworks we often see at major events can cause lifelong trauma to pets. Owners of old cats and dogs need to pay special attention to this.

If you still want to accompany your dog or cat to these places, put them in a very strong cage, in case they jump out due to panic and injury.

Schedule your dog’s outdoor activities during cooler times of the day.

Do not allow your cat to exercise outdoors in a hot and humid environment. Early mornings and evenings usually have lower temperatures during the day.

Arrange for the cat to go out at night so as not to affect the skin. This will keep cat safe during summer.

Skin and coat care for cats in the summer

Regardless of the season, skin and coat care is an important factor in maintaining your pet’s temperature at a safe level. Neatly trimmed hair will make the process of heat loss through the skin easier.

Even with extremely thick skin, sunburn is an unavoidable obstacle cat safe during summer in places with extreme hot climates. Cats with light, ruddy or thin skin are especially susceptible to sunburn.

Control the temperature

Cats have short hair so they should be checked regularly. Cats do not have the ability to lose heat by sweating. Therefore, most cats have very poor adaptability to hot and humid climates.

Cat Safe during Summer, you should avoid exposing your cat to direct sunlight, and always keep your cat in an air-conditioned room, helping them feel cooler and more comfortable.


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