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5 steps to safely deliver kittens

Safely deliver kittens in the safest, fastest and most appropriate way is always of special concern to owners.

The stage of preparing birthing equipment

Owners should be ready to prepare a few shipping items for the safely deliver kittens including:

  • Clean old towels or clothes to wipe the kittens when they come out of the mother’s womb.
  • Cotton and gauze for cleaning as well as in a few other essential cases.
  • Nutritional gel or Glucose solution to support the “boss” when pushing hard.
  • Medical tools such as thread, forceps, scissors, povidine, … help to cut the umbilical cord for kittens in case the mother cat is too tired to do it herself.
  • Birth stimulant Oxytocin is used when the mother cat has difficulty giving birth

The period before meow gave birth

When the mother cat is about to give birth, the owner can completely take them to the veterinary clinic for a comprehensive and overall physical health check to see if there are any factors?

Especially, you can completely ask the team of doctors to advise you on what steps to take when your cat gives birth so that you can be prepared for the best.

The period of midwifery for cats when the mother cat gives birth

If the mother cat is healthy, the advice is to give birth naturally. If your water has broken for about 30 minutes and you still haven’t seen your safely deliver kittens.

After cleaning, use a pin to clamp the umbilical cord at least 1 cm from the umbilicus to cut it, then disinfect it with Povidine and then use a thread to tighten it. Next, put the kitten back in the position next to the mother cat to find the mother’s breast to suckle.

Postpartum period

This stage is also quite important. Owners can feed the mother cat her own placenta after giving birth because it contains a lot of nutrients.

At the same time, you should also give the mother cat something to eat quickly to regain her strength. Breastfeed the kittens for the first 24 hours to get nutrients and antibodies. Absolutely do not give the mother a bath when she has just given birth.

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