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5 Tips To Help You Take Care Of Dogs Easily

Raising a pet has never been easy and always takes up a lot of your time. In addition to a balanced diet for dogs and cats to grow quickly. You will also have to take care of hundreds of things such as trimming hair, nails, body hygiene, taking pets for vaccinations, etc. So Begy Pet Blog will share the following five notes that will make take care of dog much easier:

1. Cut the dog’s nails properly

Cut the dog's nails properly
Cut the dog’s nails properly

This is aesthetically pleasing and helps protect the health of dogs and cats: avoiding broken, painful, or ingrown nails stabbing pets. There’s a trick for you to tell if your pet’s toenails are long or not: to notice if they make a noise when they walk on the carpet or floor.

2. Trim your pet’s hair in a flash, painless

Pets often have thick coats, especially foreign breeds. Shaving is necessary for pet care to increase its adaptability to the environment. It would help if you had a sharp, powerful trimmer to accomplish this quickly. You need to follow these steps:

Trim your pet's hair in a flash, painless
Trim your pet’s hair in a flash, painless
  • Step 1: Starting at the back and sides, go the trimmer from top to bottom.
  • Step 2: Hold the cat and dog standing on two legs, hold the upper two legs with one hand, use the trimmer to push from the bottom up in the abdomen, neck, armpit area.
  • Step 3: Trim around the dog’s muzzle area, paying attention to avoid trimming the beard. Be extremely careful in the head area because when it senses something behind, pets often turn around.
  • Step 4: Let the cat and dog stand on four legs, trim the hair on the buttocks and the tail and then trim the uneven areas again.

3. Bathing a dog is not easy

Bathing is an important part of your pet care process. However, this requires ingenuity on your part because animals are often afraid of water. Bathing too much can disrupt sweat glands, make them cold, panic, etc.

Bathing a dog
Bathing a dog

Dog’s body temperature is higher than human’s: 38.5 +/- 0.5oC, very poor heat tolerance. It is necessary to bathe dogs to feel comfortable, better regulate their body temperature, and help limit other hair and skin problems in the summer.

If you have just bought a new dog, or if you have a new vaccination, you are sick, or when the weather is too cold or rainy, you should not bathe them. The shower gel you choose to care for dogs and cats needs to have a balanced pH not to cause irritation, hair loss, or skin peeling. You can refer to brands with many years of experience, such as Joyce&Dolls, Pepe, etc.

4. Make a “nest” for the puppies

Make a "nest" for the puppies
Make a “nest” for the puppies

Preparation is quite important. Please reserve a corner of the house to make a nest for your dog, such as the foot of the stairs, next to the cabinet, etc. You can buy a nice basket with a cotton mattress, a pretty house, or a sturdy cage for the four-legged family friend. The important thing is that the space must be airy, spacious enough, comfortable. Only then can you take the best care of your pet.

5. Don’t forget to let your dog and cat go to the toilet:

After a meal, the dog should be allowed to run freely and clean for 5, 10 minutes and also to digest the food. Evening meals eat a little more, so you also need to spend more time with the dog. Observing dog and cat feces also plays an important role in pet care! If stools are strange in color, such as green, white, or bloody, or in liquid, lumpy form, your baby has a health problem and needs to see a doctor right away.

on't forget to let your dog go to the toilet
Don’t forget to let your dog go to the toilet

Here are 5 tips to help you take care of the dog better. Please share with Begy Pet Blog about pet issues you want to learn!

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