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5 Ways To Make Extremely Simple Dog Food At Home

With the way to make dog food, you can easily cook for your dog delicious food that is still nutritious. So do you know how to make dog food? Let’s learn how to make dog food with Begy Pets Blog!

Reasons to make your dog food

Is your dog a glutton or a picky eater? Making dog food at home is very suitable for both cases mentioned above.

  • With a gluttonous dog: In this case, buying food from outside (such as seeds, Pate, etc.) for them will be very expensive. Therefore, if you cook your dog food, you will save a significant amount of money.
  • With a picky eater: You can easily control the nutritional portion as well as create attractive menus that your dog will love.

If you still do not know how to cook puppy food, try the following recipes to help your dog change meals.

How to make dog food from chicken neck

Instructions for cooking chicken neck with viscera for dogs


      • Chicken neck: 300g
      • Ground pork: 50 grams
      • Chicken or duck offal
      • Olive oil (vegetable oil)
      • Vegetables: Peas, broccoli, carrots…

How to cook dog food:

      • Step 1: Peel off the skin and fat from the chicken’s neck.
      • Step 2: Cut the chicken neck into pieces and grind (minced) finely.
      • Step 3: Prepare offal and vegetables and cut them into small pieces.
      • Step 4: Mix chicken neck & ground pork with olive oil. Then add the offal and mixed vegetables.
      • Step 5: Stir-fry the mixture on the pan for about 7-10 minutes, and you have completed the chicken neck and organ for the dog.
      • Step 6: Let the food cool, pack it into each box, and store it in the refrigerator.
Make your dog food
Make your dog food

How to stew chicken neck with vegetables for dogs


      • Chicken neck: 300g
      • Pumpkin: 100 grams
      • Carrots: 100 grams
      • Potatoes: 100 grams

How to cook dog food:

      • Step 1: Prepare a clean chicken neck, peel off the skin and fat and then cut into pieces.
      • Step 2: Grind (mince) the chicken neck.
      • Step 3: Wash and dice the vegetables.
      • Step 4: Put the ground chicken neck and vegetables into the casserole.
      • Step 5: Pour 200ml of water into the pot and stew for about 20 minutes to complete a delicious dish for dogs.
      • Step 6: Let the casserole cool down, then pack it with water and freeze it in the freezer.

How to make dog food with leftovers

If you don’t have time to cook dog food, making dog food from leftovers in daily meals is quite convenient. Our food is also full of nutrients and is fresh food without preservatives.

But there are a few things you need to keep in mind when using dog food leftovers:

    • Should provide enough meat for dogs and often change from chicken, pork, etc. This food offers many essential fats and proteins for the body.
    • It is recommended to feed your dog 2-3 eggs/week.
    • Incorporating vegetables into your dog’s meal is advisable to provide fiber and vitamins.
    • Provide an adequate amount of water needed for dogs (equivalent to 70ml/day).
How to make dog food
How to make dog food

How to make dry dog ​​food from meat and fish

How to make dry food made from meat mixed with vegetables for dogs


      • Lean pork (pork): 300g
      • Carrots: 300 grams
      • Pumpkin (bitter gourd): 200g

How to cook dog food:

      • Step 1: Preliminarily clean the vegetables, cut them into thin slices, and dry them for 1-2 days.
      • Step 2: Wash lean pork and bring to boil.
      • Step 3: Let the lean pork cool and then tear or pound it with a pestle.
      • Step 4: Bring the shredded meat to dry on the pan.
      • Step 5: Put the dried vegetables and fry in oil.
      • Step 6: Let the fried vegetables dry and pound them and mix them well with the shredded meat, so you have finished the meat mixed with vegetables for the dog.
      • Step 7: When the mixture is dry, close the box (porcelain jar) and store it in a cool, dry place

Instructions for making mixed rice with rice for dogs

There are many ways to make dried minced for dogs from fish, chicken, beef, pork… In this article, Begy Pet Blog will show you how to make dried minced for dogs from salmon.


      • Salmon: 1 fish

How to cook dog food:

      • Step 1: Clean the salmon and carefully filter the bones.
      • Step 2: Steam the fish, let it cool, and tear (grind) the fish meat.
      • Step 3: Stir the shredded fish meat on the hot pan until dry.
      • Step 4: Cool the fish meat and then put it in a box (porcelain jar) and store it in the refrigerator.

Notes when preparing dog food at home

  • With processed food and fresh dog food, you need to store it in the refrigerator. This keeps the processed food for about a week and ensures the nutrients inside.
  • With dry dog ​​food, you can store it at room temperature, close the lid and keep it in a dry place.
  • You should choose fresh ingredients to ensure that the food, when cooked, will have a better taste, and the shelf life is also longer.
  • Avoid giving your dog sweets, alcoholic beverages, chocolate, as well as spices (garlic, onions, chives, sugar, and salt) when preparing food.
  • Do not let dogs eat smoked meat because this is a food with a large amount of sodium and salt, which is not suitable for health.

Above are five simple ways to make dog food that you can easily make at home. Immediately apply the instructions above; your dog must be waiting eagerly. Follow the Begy Pet Blog to know more about pets!

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