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5 Ways to Prevent cat scratching behavior

Cat scratching behavior at furniture or other objects in the house is purely destructive from your point of view, but cats don’t think so.

Trim the nails regularly


You should trim the nails regularly to limit the cat’s scratching behavior. Time at least once a week. When the cat’s nails are short, it is difficult for the cat to scratch.

In particular, it helps to protect the skin against its nails. Because that’s where a lot of bacteria are, when in contact with the skin can cause allergies and bleeding.

Pay close attention to your cat’s tail and trim it if it’s long. Once cut you will reduce the danger posed by your cat. Moreover, it also protects the safety of yourself and those around you.

Limit your cat’s access to the item cat scratching behavior

Some graphic locations “crash” just because they match your cat’s taste. Like the following items:

  • sofa.
  • bed.
  • clothes,
  • shoes
  • Funiture

These are cat favorites so put double-sided tape on the item, place a balloon underneath the cover so it pops up when scratched by the cat. You can also use “cat repellant mats” to prevent cats from going to surfaces or areas where they are not allowed.

In addition, a motion sensor device attached to the water spray or ultrasonic noise will also be an item that you should have to cat scratching behavior.

Especially Close the doors of rooms with furniture, utensils and valuables. There are items up to tens, millions, sometimes billions, so you should hide it in a closed room and lock the door.

Regularly observe and monitor

Please regularly monitor your cat’s behavior to prevent it immediately. Be patient with your cat. If you feel you can’t take it any longer, contact your veterinarian for advice from an animal behavior specialist.

Cat scratching behavior is very spontaneous and inevitable. It depends on your cat’s personality. So regularly pay attention to the cat’s mood, if you see a quiet cat, you should be careful.

Be patient and understanding

You love your cat and appreciate the bond between your cat and you. The cat knows that you love it and will reciprocate your affection.

Over time, with repeated loving practice, your cat will get used to using other things to scratch and gradually the cat scratching behavior will decrease.

Place the rake posts in the appropriate place

If your cat marks and scratches many places in the house, give her “good” opportunities in each of those areas. Having multiple scratching posts in your home is a good idea, especially if you have multiple floors, a large house, or a home with more than one cat.

Depending on the space you have for your cat, use the appropriate columns. This will help limit your cat’s scratching behavior and reduce the risk that your cat will find furniture in other rooms that don’t have scratching posts.





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