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6 Fun Games to Play With Dog

Playing with dogs not only helps you get closer to your dog but also makes the bond between you and the dog stronger.

Dogs love to have fun! Strictly training a dog is essential, but you also need to let them have fun. You can also incorporate games into training, but they should only be kept at the entertainment level. Playing with dogs gives dogs exercise and mental stimulation. It’s also a great way to bond with you and your dog. Playing games with dogs can help reduce boredom and the potential behavioral problems that come with that boredom.

There are many simple games are play with dogs indoors or out that you can enjoy. Find out below with Begy Pet Blog!

Play with dog with a game of finding objects

Play with dog with a game of finding objects
Play with dog with a round of finding objects

Quite a few dogs have a foraging instinct; some can be taught. Find objects that can be played anywhere. You can play indoors with soft toys or use balls or discs if playing outdoors. For dogs that enjoy running, or helping some dogs to be less lazy. Dogs have a superior sense of smell, and most of them like to use their nose to find interesting things. Let your dog use his brain and nose to find hidden gifts.

First, keep the dog out of sight (you can put it in another room or a kennel).
Then, hide your dog’s favorite treats in different places in the room.
Next, bring your dog back and tell him to “go find it”.
If your dog needs help, you can walk him around on a leash or guide him where he needs to find things.

Play with dogs with the tug of war

Play with dogs with tug of war
Play with dogs with a tug of war

Many dogs love to play tug of war. This game helps dogs release their energy and natural hunting instincts.
To play tug of war safely, make sure your dog knows the release command. Then find a sturdy rope to play with. Sometimes you should give your dog a chance to win as this is a confidence boost.

Play hide and seek with dogs

Hide and seek is not only for kids, but dogs also love to play this game. This can also be a fun way for you to play with your dog while practicing the callback command.

Play hide and seek with dogs
Play hide and seek with dogs

First, tell your dog to stop. Next, grab one of your dog’s favorite toys, chew toys, or treats, and find a slightly enclosed place to hide.
When you’re ready, call the dog to come to you. Make noises or shake the toy to lure the dog into finding you.
When your dog finds you, reward him with exhilarating compliments or toys or gifts that you’re holding in your hand.

Play with the dog throwing discus

Play with the dog throwing discus
Play with the dog throwing discus

This is also one of the favorite games of dogs. This game you can go to the park, the beach, or play at home. The saucer flew forward, as fast as lightning, the dog ran after it and picked up the right spot. The final task is to fly up to grab it and bring it back to the owner. This game not only creates skills for your dog but also makes you excited when the two coordinate well, rhythmically and happily.

Play with dogs with sports games
Play with dogs with sports games

Does your dog have a lot of energy? Is your dog intelligent but a “troublemaker?”
Perhaps, your dog needs something they love. If regular exercise and regular games are not enough to meet his needs, you can offer your dog sports Familiar, fun for it.
You can learn about dog sports and find the right one for your dog.

Safety first

  • It would help if you watched your dog for signs like exhaustion or overheating while playing.
  • You should stop playing if your dog looks tired, frustrated, shows signs of agitation or anxiety.
  • You should also pay attention to your surroundings when playing with dogs.
  • When there are other dogs or people around, your dog can be distracted and dangerous, especially if your dog is not on a leash.

Have fun playing with your dog! But remember to put safety first!

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