6 loyal dogs chase ambulance for several miles and wait for their homeless owner over 24 hours outside hospital

There are numerous stories of how loyal dogs can be. They show their loyalty every time.

When a homeless man in Brazil was sent to the hospital for treatment, the nurses assumed he didn’t have any family and was alone. However, they were taken aback when they found his kind and loyal friends waiting for him outside the hospital.

Luiz has spent over 20 years on the streets of Cianorte City in Parana, Brazil. Despite the fact that he was homeless and lonely, he never felt alone, and his furry friends were always close by.

He had a stroke one night, and luckily, some bystanders saw and called an ambulance. Luiz was rushed to the hospital a few minutes later.

Outside the hospital, a camera captures the dogs running around as ambulances arrive and depart.

His six worried friends chased down the ambulance in which Luiz was transported, and when they arrived at the hospital, they simply lay down in front of the entrance and waited for their friend to cure.

The hospital personnel notified the volunteers of Amigos de Patas Cianorte, a non-profit animal protection organization, that the dogs were not going. Volunteers arrived to care for them, but none of the dogs wanted to go.

According to Amigos de Patas Cianorte, the dogs were Luiz’s dearest friends with whom he shared everything. His canine companions awaited him in the hospital, where they remained alert.

Luiz has been diagnosed with psychiatric issues, but he has refused to accept help from homeless organizations and his family for years. He seemed to enjoy living on the streets with his strays.

Ms. Zilane stated that they had rented a very simple house for him with a large yard for the dogs a while ago, but he refused to accept it and refused to enter the place. He stated that he lived on the street.

The dogs were also taken to a kennel built by a volunteer from the NGO at the time, but they managed to escape by jumping over the wall and chasing Luiz. The dogs are never far away from him, no matter where he is.

Luiz was freed from the hospital with another dog, oblivious to the fact that his animal buddies were waiting for him.

One of the NGO volunteers went to fetch Luiz and carry him to where his buddies awaited him. They left the place with Luiz when he arrived.

This is a truly heartfelt story. The dog’s loyalty can’t be questioned.

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