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6 very simple and effective dog training tips

Here are 6 ways to raise dogs in a simple and effective way, so you can train them successfully and live a happy and healthy life.

Dogs are extremely intelligent animals, if you know how to combine training, your dog will become even more amazing. However, to successfully train a dog, you need to be persistent, know the right combination of training methods.
Here are 6 simple and effective ways to raise your dog so you can successfully train them and live a happy, healthy life.

Dog Training to Sit Down

This is a pretty easy command. Most dogs will do this. This command is great for training the dog later because when they sit still, the lessons will become softer, instead of them running around or shuffling indiscriminately. To do it, follow these 3 steps:

Training phase 1:

Use decoys during this stage. Remember to choose the food that your dog loves the most. Stand in front of the dog and place the bait right in front of their nose and start executing the sit command
Usually, dogs will jump up to grab the food. But you should instruct the dog not to do so, but to sit down by bringing the bait up in the direction of the top of their head, bait higher than their nose.
So the dog will stick its nose to the bait, its hind legs will lower and sit down. When you see them sit down, immediately reward and praise them. Repeat several times with the command to sit every day

Training stage 2:

During this stage, you use your hands instead of using bait as before. Put your hand in front of the dog, move your hand exactly as you did in stage 1 and give the command to sit.
If the dog refuses to sit down, reward him and continue to praise him. If they won’t sit, repeat step 1

Training stage 3:

Once your dog gets used to the manual sit command, move on to this stage by using the sit command.
Speak the command to sit and move your hand a little away from the dog’s face. If the dog is sitting, reward and praise them
If the dog refuses to sit, move your hand a little closer to the dog’s head. If the dog continues to refuse to sit, repeat step 2. The patient tries again and again until they understand your sit command.
Training the dog to sit is the simplest method
Training the dog to sit is the simplest method

How to Teach a Good Dog to Stand Up

Method 1:

  • When the dog is sitting, Hold the food at the level of their nose
  • Step back 1 step, pull the food handle along, reflexively the dog will stick its nose along and change into a standing position.
  • As soon as the dog stands up, shout “stand” and reward the dog.

Method 2:

  • When the dog is sitting or lying down, you put your hand over the dog’s belly and push it up, with the other hand, pull the leash slightly forward.
  • At this time, the dog will stand up, shout “stand” and reward the dog.
  • Do about 10-15 times and then give the dog a break
  • Even if this is a simple way to teach your dog to be obedient, you still need to control the time to do it to avoid being counterproductive.

Dog Training To Walk Towards You

Each dog has its own name. Naming dogs is how they recognize themselves. So you should repeat the name many times.
When you want your puppy to come to you, you can simply say “come here”. Combine grabbing the zipper pulling it back towards you. You should repeat it every day so that it understands your commands.
Every time your dog obeys you can praise him by patting or patting him on the head. Or you can do dog training at home with the command “Come here” as follows:
  • Call the dog’s name: Whenever you come back from somewhere or you stand a distance away from the dog. Call it out to get attention or clap your hands. As soon as the dog turns its head, you press the Clicker.
  • Bonus: Because the dog has learned in the other lessons, it will be rewarded when it hears the Clicker sound, so it will run to you immediately. As soon as it runs close to you, click Clicker again and immediately reward the food.
  • Practice it over and over again: when the dog gets used to the fact that when you clap, it will run close immediately, then start applying voice commands. By clapping your hands to get attention, the dog turns its head and you shout “come over”.
  • Practice: Repeatedly, the dog will understand the command “come here” or clap means to run closer to you.
Training Dog Walk Towards You
Training Dog Walk Towards You
Note that when training dogs, absolutely do not be impatient. You need to be calm in order to get them to listen to you.
If you are short-tempered and scolded, they will be psychologically disturbed and consider your training to be poured into the river and into the sea.
You need to be patient, the dog will listen to you quickly. Just spend 30 minutes a day training them. This will help them remember better and will perform your voice commands better.

Training Dogs To Go To The Toilet In The Right Place

First of all, you should choose a fixed location. From now until adulthood, that’s where they have to defecate in that area.
In addition, you should buy a litter box for your dog. Line up some old newspapers when cleaning, leaving a bit of newspaper in the tray. This helps it to smell and go to the toilet in the right place.
This is also a basic home dog training guide you need to know. Besides, you need to give them a scientific and timely diet. This will help you control your puppy’s toileting time.
Training Dogs To Go To The Toilet In The Right Place
When you see a puppy walking around and sniffing, that is a sign that it needs to go to the toilet. Usually 5-10 minutes after each meal. Now lead it near the toilet tray.
Repeat it many times, they will understand and form a habit. Every time the puppy goes to the toilet in the right place, remember to pet and praise them. Very simple, isn’t it? Just a little initial time, you won’t have to worry anymore.
But if the puppy goes in the wrong place, you should scold him immediately. If left after that, the puppy will not understand what they did wrong. Buy a dog litter box.

How to Train a Dog to Shake Hands

  • Step 1: Hold the food in the palm of your hand, put it in front of the dog. Get its attention and then make a fist. Don’t let her get the food in your hand.
  • Step 2: According to natural reflex, the dog will reach out to grab the food in your hand. Only then can the dog eat. Try to ignore any other temptations like licking your hand or sniffing your hand for food. Only by letting them focus on a single thing, “put up your hand” can there be food. They will be self-aware of which behavior is beneficial to them.
  • Step 3: Train the dog to listen to the voice command: when the dog has begun to know it should reach for the food in your hand. Commands should be short and simple with 1-2 words “Shake hands”, “Catch”, and consistent so that the dog can understand quickly. The command should be given as soon as the dog begins to want to touch your hand and grab it.
  • Step 4: Practice like this within 2-3 days when the dog understands the command. You will begin to move on to command first. Take the food in your hand and shout the command “Shake hands”.
  • Step 5: Finally, when the dog is able to react quickly, immediately put out your hand at the signal, you can gradually give up the reward actions.
How to Train a Dog to Shake Hands
How to Train a Dog to Shake Hands

Script with the dog every day, with praise or play in place of the food. Your dog will feel that it is a daily joy and entertainment that you spend to care for him and enjoy more. You can apply the above dog training tips.

How to Train Dogs to Walk on Two Legs

  • Step 1: Prepare the food, call the dog back and command to sit still. Practice when the dog is hungry, when they are very greedy, the training will become easier.
  • Step 2: Keep the dog calm, sitting upright in the correct posture. Everything needs to be gentle because dogs don’t know what to do.
  • Step 3: Use food in front of the nose for the dog to smell but do not feed. Bring them from their nose straight up over their head until they tilt their necks up to sniff.
  • Step 4: Shout the command “Stand” and gradually bring the food up. When the dog lifts its paw, enjoy the food. Repeat several times and gradually raise the food until the dog can sit on 2 legs and the back is straight with the head.
  • Step 5: Once the dog has mastered step 4, bring the food higher and move forward a short distance. Dogs sit on 2 legs but can’t get food, so they will jump forward to get food. At this time, you should hold the food outside for the dog to see and move the food slowly forward.
  • Step 6: Move the food and combine voice commands. When the dog starts to take a step, enjoy the food. Repeat several times until the dog can walk.
How to Train Dogs to Walk on Two Legs
How to Train Dogs to Walk on Two Legs

Just now, we have shared with you some dog training tips to obey, hope you have had useful information in raising your dog. Besides, remember to give your dog patience and love, if so, they will be great friends who will always be there for you.

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