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7 daily behaviors of cats

Cat owners often tell you that daily behaviors of cats mean nothing. Most of us take it for granted

Observable cat language

Each day the cat will show different states. For example :

  • Tail straight or upward, curled at the end: happy gaiety.
  • Tail twitches, beats constantly: very excited.
  • Vibrating Tail: This cat’s language expresses joy and happiness when it sees you.
  • Dilated pupils: excitement, extreme panic.
  • Blinking eyes: very relaxed state.
  • Nose up and head tilt: cat language says “I’ve accepted you”.
  • Rubbing his wet nose against you: an affectionate gesture for someone he loves.
  • Put your ears back: fear, anxiety or in a very excited mood is also used when sniffing something that intrigues them.
  • Outstretched tongue to lick lower lip: anxiety, fear.

Those are just a few cases and each species will have its own set of actions. Your job is to monitor their daily behavior.

Bite and tear things

You can prevent your cat’s behavior from scratching furniture by moving objects he can scratch. Cover furniture, or even apply two layers of duct tape or sandpaper/sandpaper to the floor where your cat often stands and scratches.

This behavior will be repeated over and over and your cat loves it. This behavior will be repeated over and over and your cat loves it. You must regularly monitor and pay attention to them.

Go to the toilet is not in the right place

This is an unusual cat behavior. Think about taking your cat to the vet. It represents some kind of mental stress or health problem. Your cat may have a bacterial infection or a blocked urinary tract.

Using the toilet can be so painful that cats don’t want to use the litter box. Kidney or liver diseases also cause your cat to go to the bathroom more often than usual. And this causes inconvenience to the cat.

When stomping on owner

Some cats like to show affection by “stomping” on you. This has to do with the fact that as babies, they also use this to help release milk from the mother’s breasts when being fed.

Some cats like to show affection by “smashing” you. So you should keep its feet far away and every time you do, you should rinse or it will form a habit.

The cats eats miscellaneous

Some cats like to chew on plastic bags or wires. May be hazardous and must be prevented by keeping hazardous objects out of the cat’s reach or covering them with odors the cat does not like.

Cats eating miscellaneous leads to dangerous diseases, affecting the skin as well as the body. So choose the food that is quality and suitable for your cat.

The behavior of cats when rubbing their heads against human paws

When a cat uses its face or body against its owner’s paw, it wants to be fed. And naturally, cats love that property very much. This is a normal cat behavior and repeats as often as the owner shows up.

The daily behaviors of cats rubbing their heads and faces against their owners seems to show emotion and attract the owner’s interest. But they also rub their heads and faces against the furniture in the house.

In addition, cats also rub their heads together to show friendliness. It’s a way for cats to make friends and find their love.

Cat behavior shows reminder

Constantly petting your cat can make it uncomfortable. Some cat activities will be able to tell you we’re bothering us, or upset by being moved.

The cat’s everyday behavior is to be angry or likely to scratch its owner. When you see the cat change color, you should give it a quiet space and do not touch the cat.


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