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7 Things Dogs Hate The Most, Owners Often Don’t Know

It is impossible not to mention dogs (dogs) among the most raised animals. The reason they are chosen to raise a lot is because of their loyalty, cuteness, and friendliness. However, if you submit a dog incorrectly, you may accidentally let the dog accumulate bad things such as aggressive biting, moody, or irritability. You need to know the seven things dogs hate the most below when raising a dog.


It’s natural for humans to love to cuddle their pets to show they love them. But in fact, cuddling is the one thing dogs hate the most, especially when strangers cuddle them. Because the very act of hugging makes them feel like a threat, they usually stand still when hugged by people they know, and strangers who embrace them react immediately.

7 things dogs hate the most
Some dogs don’t like to be cuddled, especially strangers

Therefore, when you meet any dog, even if you love them, don’t run to hug them, but show your love by stroking along the back. However, there are also some cases where dogs like to hug, but it takes their owners to understand the dog’s body language to know when they need to cuddle and stroke.

For example: when you hug your dog, but they avoid or look away, open their mouth, or some other gesture, those are signs they don’t want you to embrace. And conversely, if they stand still and wag their tail to show interest, it means they like you to cuddle.


the seven things dogs hate the most
Improperly bathing your dog can frighten them

One of the seven things dogs hate the most that owners don’t know is bathing. Many people think that washing them becomes fresh and clean. They will love it. But in fact, the opposite is true for them. Bathing is a form of torture if you do not know how to bathe them. When you sprayed them with water along with the sound of running water, it would make them feel extremely uncomfortable.

In particular, when water gets into their eyes, it will make them even more uncomfortable and appear extremely scared. Therefore, when bathing the dog, you will see that the dogs will constantly jump up and run around. When cleaning your dog, you need to talk to them before and during the bath. And after bathing, you should dry them right away, so they don’t get scared. You should use a professional dog bathing service. Experienced care staff using equipment specifically for bathing and drying will make your dog more comfortable when bathing.


the seven things dogs hate the most
Wearing the wrong size will make the dog uncomfortable

With many owners in winter afraid of dogs getting cold, they often wear even warm clothes for it. But this makes them uncomfortable, uncomfortable. They don’t like to be confined in those tight clothes. If you want to dress your dog, you should only choose clothes that are the right size for your dog and wear them from a young age to create a habit.

If you are afraid that your dog will be cold, you no longer have to worry because dogs are thermophilic animals. They will regulate their body temperature with different weather patterns.


Dogs are very loyal animals, so they hate being left alone. Some dogs are comfortable being friends with other dogs, but some want to have friendships with people. Therefore, as a person who likes to keep dogs, you must be close to them, spend time training them, let them go everywhere with you, etc. And never leave them alone.

7 things dogs hate the most
Dogs don’t like to be left alone


One of the seven things dogs hate the most is solid scents. Because dogs are animals with a highly keen sense of smell up to 100,000 times, they only like odors and vapors, but they do not like strong unpleasant odors. Therefore, when raising dogs, you should not spray anything directly on their fur, especially those with strong odors, except for perfumes specially formulated for cats and dogs. If you have to rush, spray so that you stay away from their face.

Even dog owners should not use perfumes, hair sprays, etc. They have a strong smell because they will be afraid to approach their owners.


The leash or muzzle of the dog is what makes them feel frustrated and uncomfortable, even when you take them for a walk. So, except when you let them out in public, don’t tie them up, but let your dog be free and comfortable for them to explore their world. They will always feel relaxed and happy when they are not chained or muzzled.

7 Things Dogs Hate The Most
They don’t like being chained or muzzled


Another thing that dogs hate is staring into their eyes. Although dogs are the type of eye contact, they will consider it a provocation if people stare into their eyes. And that’s why if you’re not a familiar dog, you can’t do that because they will protest to jump up and bite you.

7 Things Dogs Hate The Most
Dogs hate to stare into their eyes

Above are seven things dogs hate most that owners often don’t know. Hopefully, the above knowledge to give you the most necessary and valuable information. If you want to learn more about dogs, you can contact Begy Pet Blog for advice and support!

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