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7 ways to prevent bad behavior cats

Fortunately, it’s possible to change a cat’s behavior, by rewarding it for good behavior and disciplining it for bad behavior cats.

Cats are much more receptive to rewards and treats then they are to punishment. But you can discourage bad behavior by trying a few tricks:

Shake a noisy can

If you see your cat jump on the counters or somewhere it shouldn’t be, shake a can with some pennies in it to startle your cat.

Repeat often to prevent bad behavior cats and the next time it will not repeat the bad behavior cats.

Train your cat

Cats are smarter than many people think and they have great memories. By setting aside the desired item for training, it increases the value of the reward and makes it much more appealing to your cat.

If you’re struggling to find an item your cat will love, consider things like tuna, canned spray cheese, shrimp, and catnip toys. Toys that will help your bad behavior cats be eliminated.

Use a water spray bottle

No one, including cats, likes to be squirted with water. It’s likely that after a few times, just reaching for the spray bottle deters the bad behavior cats. After a while, bad behavior cats will be eliminated and you keep repeating them every day.

Use double-sided tape or aluminum foil

These simple things can be placed on surfaces that you don’t want your cat to touch or scratch. It will help deter bad behavior from your cat and protect your home from its sharp claws. Your cat’s bad behavior will decrease and regularly check the tape for damage and change it two to three times a week.

Say something

Startle your cat with an “ouch” or another word to end any rough-and-tumble behavior. This works well for cats that are aggressive towards people and may bite or bite your arm or leg. This bad behavior is very dangerous, it can affect life as well as health. This is a common bad behavior of cats, it takes time for owners to teach and remove it forever.

Give a timeout

Gently take the cat into the bathroom or other room without people in it for 20 minutes if it’s not working properly. This is the time for it to realize its bad behavior. At this time, the cat’s bad behavior will be obvious. Because cats love to be active and run around. In the long run, it will form bad behaviors of cats. In addition, the owner can know what the bad behavior of the cat is and then get rid of them.

It is important that you never hurt your cat. This method is no longer recommended as a captive or transport method for adult cats. Another way to grab a cat by the nape of the neck is to cover it with a blanket and drive the cat inside. This will keep you and your cat safe, and allow you to transport your cat without additional stress

A cat’s bad behavior stems from external factors as well as personality changes. Therefore, to prevent the bad qualities of your cat, you should have the right method and create a healthy living environment. Once there is a good environment, their behavior will be eliminated.

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