Cat Safety

8 Cat Safety Tips to Protect You and Your Cats

1. Hide Your Cords

To prevent your cat from digging in the dirt around your houseplants, go to your local craft store and buy a few pieces of plastic needlepoint mesh. Cut it to fit the pot, with a slit and an opening for the plant. Place it on top of the dirt.

2. Food and Medicine

Make sure you keep the following off counters and out of reach of your curious feline. While some cats can digest milk and beef products, many others are intolerant. Keep your food out of reach at all times just to be safe and discourage bad habits.

3. Carpet

While this is also damaging to the rug, carpets with loose weaves thin piles may catch and hold their claws. Use a very tight weave for shag or deep pile carpets whenever possible and pin down throw rug corners to prevent your kitten from slipping beneath them.

4. Plastic Bags and Buckets

Cats love to sleep inside bags, buckets and baskets as well as cardboard boxes.

5. Curtains and Screens

Cats like to climb, so be careful with what kinds of curtains or draperies that you hang. A cat’s claws can become snagged in a loose weave drape or screen, causing the cat to pull at an awkward angle to free himself. For safety’s sake, make sure that the pull-cord is not a loop – cut it so there are two strings, so neither your cat nor your child will inadvertently get it caught around their neck.

6. Litter Box Care

The litter box may be the way your cat keeps the messes in the house to a minimum, but can also be the breeding ground for some potentially harmful parasites.

7. Flea and Tick Care

Cats can bring fles and ticks into the home, which can multiply around areas such as litter boxes and cat beds. Treat your cat with a monthly flea and tick medicine to avoid brining these pests into your home.

8. Nail Care

A cat uses her nails to defend herself and to give herself purchase when jumping off of things.

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