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8 Notes When Keeping Dog In The House

Besides looking after the house, many families prefer to choose a dog because of its friendliness and cuteness. There are 8 notes when keeping dog in the house that Begy Pet Blog wants to share with you below:

Choose a dog breed that is suitable for the family lifestyle

Depending on your family’s lifestyle, you should choose a dog that fits the needs of everyone in the family. For example, if you don’t have time, don’t choose dogs that need care. If you like a peaceful life, less moving, you should select pet breeds that can lie still instead of dogs that run around and break like Labrador or Retriever.

See if your time budget is suitable for raising dogs

No matter where you choose to adopt a dog, you should take the time to learn about your dog’s character, food preferences, and health status. Raising a dog requires a lot of care and attention. You should consider your time budget before deciding, especially when you are in pregnancy or in the early stages of giving birth because you are pretty busy at this time.

8 Notes When Keeping Dog In The House
If you have small children at home, you should choose to raise cute puppies to avoid harming them

Should choose an adult dog breed instead of a newborn dog

Choosing to adopt an adult dog is not a bad idea. That way, you won’t need to teach basic skills like going to the toilet in the right place. Adult dogs also do not need to be cared for as much as other small dogs. It would be best to be careful with a breed of dog that has been abused because of its unstable temperament and can be dangerous to its offspring.

Be patient when caring for and nurturing dogs.

8 Notes When Keeping Dog In The House
Please be patient when adopting a dog

Patience is one of the tips when keeping dog in the house. For those who have never owned a pet, owning a dog can be a big challenge for you. They can damage furniture, go to the toilet, jump on people or bite you and your baby. This friend is like a child, always needing love and understanding. So please do not give up your dog too quickly. You can take them to training centers or consult a veterinarian.

Learn more about dog training

This is an investment you will never regret later. Buying a dog training book, or attending a regular training program, will bond you and your dog better, which is good for both. If possible, family members should participate in training to learn how to care for and play with the dog.

Consider the regulations of the place where dogs are allowed

You should check and consult the management of public places such as apartments and condominiums about whether pets are allowed. In addition, when keeping a dog in an apartment, you will be in trouble if you let the dog run around to the neighbors. If you are a fierce dog, you need to wear a muzzle for your dog to avoid the dog attacking others. At the same time, you should also take your dog to the veterinary clinic for regular checkups.

8 Notes When Keeping Dog In The House
If you have a dog in an apartment, make sure your dog does not harm others

Pay attention to whether anyone in the house is allergic to dog hair

If someone in the house is allergic to dog hair, choose short-haired or low-shedding dogs like Poodles or Schnauzers. In addition, you should “have on hand” a vacuum cleaner or air cleaner to clean the dog’s hair in the house.

Do not listen to people around you about raising dogs

When deciding to have a dog, you will be surrounded by many people talking and giving advice on choosing one or leaving the other. If you ignore your feelings, chances are the whole family will have an entirely inappropriate dog. Having a pet is not a sentimental purchase. You should be very calm and consider whether the dog you choose at first is suitable or not.

If there are young children at home, parents should note:

    • Encourage positive interactions and prevent conflicts between children and pets. Parents can take the two of you for a walk together or let the dog sit next to you while changing diapers or breastfeeding.
    • Do not let the dog near when the baby is playing or sleeping. The door should be closed, or use a fence at the entrance to prevent it.
    • Never leave your dog and baby together without adult supervision.
    • Prevent your child from coming into contact with the dog when you cannot supervise close by or when the child is eating, playing, when the dog sleeps, etc.
    • Reward the child and the dog when they behave the way you want them to.
    • Talk to the neighbors to tell them to watch and lock the dog carefully.


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