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8 Tips Training Your Cats effective

Go to the toilet in the right place.

Prepare necessary supplies such as trays, sand, cat litter shovel, and linens. It is recommended to use it when it is young to help create good habits and save time for its owner. This is what you need to do during training. Note, you need to give each cat a separate litter box. Because cats are very sensitive to their territory, sharing litter boxes is not recommended.

In addition to teaching cats to defecate in trays, sand pots, you can teach cats to defecate into the toilet or toilet at will. Attention should be taught to cats right from the moment they come home. Because when giving kittens the habit of going to the toilet indiscriminately, it is difficult to regulate their behavior.

Simple cat training

Choose a time to train your cat about 1 hour before a meal. Use simple words like “handshake” and “foot” and repeat them every day. Note that cats only pay attention for short periods of time. If the lesson lasts too long, the cat will be distracted. Therefore, it should not last more than 3 to 5 minutes for a session to have the best effect.

Train cats not to bite things in the house

Most cats have a habit of biting and scratching objects in the house, including their owners. And every time a guest comes to the house, the cat’s aggression emerges, it rushes to bite the guest and cause serious injury.

To prevent this from happening, buy a fully furnished private house such as a cat tree house, scratching post, table, pole or scratching mat. When the cat has a place of its own, the cat will form good habits and this will decrease.

Train kittens to stay out of restricted areas

There are certain areas in the home that are designated as prohibited for cats. Because you know for sure, if it approaches those areas, either your cat will be in danger, or your furniture will be damaged. Cats are intelligent animals, eager to hunt and chase, so they are often curious and ready to jump or climb, but areas such as kitchen counters, wardrobes, fireplaces … That’s why you need a way to train They stay away from these no-go areas.

If you already have a treehouse for cats, but they still climb places you don’t want them to. You can wrap a roll of newspaper, slam it on the table when the cat is about to jump.


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