A Dog Circumvents Security And Climbs To The Top Of The Chichen Itza Pyramid In Mexico

A dog has become the star of TikTok after someone recorded his feat by circumventing security and climbing to the top of a famous pyramid.

The canine had no problem climbing the iconic monument like a true conqueror, not even caring that it was considered one of the 7 wonders of the world.

Tourists were baffled to see a random dog climbing in the forbidden place for all

It is important to note that every Mexican knows perfectly well that going up there is practically a crime.

But even more shocking is that its owners have managed to realize that the proud puppy posed majestically on top.

The camera lens managed to capture it in the distance as if it were an ant in the sky. And his family, logically, could not help but die of laughter.

The scenes were shared through TikTok by @mundo_ars, where a woman, choked with laughter, is heard saying to the dog:

All this happened while a tour guide explained to the rest of the tourists the history of the monument and the importance of its care and preservation. What made the anecdote even more comical.

As expected, the video has not taken long to become a viral success, exceeding 200 thousand views.

It has been impossible for the whole world not to be moved by the puppy, who, imprisoned by curiosity, decided to go upstairs following the trail of his indigenous ancestors. Not to mention how brave the dog has seemed to many, who without any fear, decided to climb so high on his own.

See for yourself the video that is giving so much to talk about on the networks:

The comments of hundreds of Internet users have not been long in coming:

«The puppy: I can, you can’t», «Forbidden to climb the pyramid, the firulais: look where I am», «That’s how I wanted to see you, humans», «The puppy: I’m succeeding».

“They say that only those who were worthy were allowed to go up,” wrote one netizen.

To which many have responded immediately:

The animals are more worthy than many brothers, there he proved it!», «But of course he is worthy, he is a noble soul …», «The only ones worthy of everything, are the little animals», «No gentlemen, he did not mock to anyone, they are worthy, because there is no evil in them (only instincts) and they are very grateful».

The whole of Mexico could not remain indifferent and forgave the puppy for breaking the rules.

And that in the past videos had been seen of people imprisoned for going up to Chichen Itza, for the simple fact of touching one of the wonders of the world. The entire town almost lynched those people for understanding that “they abused the trust of a town that opens its doors to the world.”

“It was worth it to the firulais”, was the title of the video, which perfectly sums up the behavior of the funny puppy that ignored its owners and the rules.

The difference is that he did not do it out of evil, and his family will never be able to forget that Julián was on one of the 7 wonders of the world. Good for him!

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