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A terrifying of a dog with its limbs chopped off in a kennel on dirty ground emerged at a market

A terrifying image of a dog with its limbs chopped off in a kennel on dirty ground emerged at a market in Sanhe, Hebei province.

Animal protection activists speculated that the dog meat restaurant should be doing this to prevent the dog from escaping. Fortunately, the puppy has been rescued and treated by a local veterinarian.

The animal protection group “Guardians of Chinese Animal Protection” revealed the case on its fan page. The little yellow dog had all four legs amputated and lay helplessly on the ground, with filthy empty bowls and bedding beside him

” We suspect the perpetrator of this vicious incident was to keep the dog from escaping, as something similar happened at the end of January.”

The animal protection group pointed out that a similar case happened during the Lunar New Year. A black dog was injured in the head, his limbs and hamstrings were cut off, and the blood was dripping outside the restaurant. ) was bought, and was able to survive; another yellow-brown dog was also cut off from limbs, and its whereabouts are unknown, and it is estimated that it has been killed.

However, when the animal protection person reported it to the local public security, the response was that the police could not do anything to stop anyone from killing the dog.

In this regard, netizens have left messages criticizing “people who do this are really unconscionable”, “this kind of behavior is terrible”, “it’s just abuse”, “only evil and cruelty can be described”, “it’s hard to say”. Believing savage”, “Look at its face, look at its surroundings… my heart is broken…”

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