A Touching Story About An Ugly Abandoned Dog That Was Saved By An ‘Angel’

Beaux is a dog of the Labrador breed. Beaux has a wrinkled face due to an incident while in the womb. It was once crushed by 6 other brothers, leading to the distorted face it is today.

Although the face is not like other Labrador dogs, its intelligence and dynamism are not affected. Because of this unlovable face, the pet dog dealer could not sell it to anyone, he decided to abandon it because he thought it was too useless.

After that, Beaux was sick for a long time, he was always sad and lonely, the poor dog never expected to find a new home.

But its guardian angel has arrived. Jamie Hulit didn’t hesitate to adopt Beaux. This means a lot to the unfortunate dog born with a face that is not “common sense”.

Jamie Hulit shared about the decision to adopt the dog: “I don’t care if he’s ugly or not, I just don’t want him to go back to the rescue station and always be abandoned by others. I want her to have a stable life and a place to call home.”

From now on, Beaux has become the world’s happiest dog because he received love and a second chance at life. How the dog looks does not determine its loyalty and affection for humans.

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