Abandoned pup living in old couch on the side of the road needs emergency help

Buddy, an abandonded dog found a shelter for himself inside a broken old furniture in the garbage. Apparently Buddy was also considered a piece of garbage like the old furniture.

Buddy had been wondring around for months trying to survive and searching for food. Plenty of cars drove past him but none seem to bother and stop and support the dog ,which was in need until local rescuers called Rescue Dogs Rock NYC for assistance.

The organization shared a picture of Buddy on their Facebook page and wrote:

“At this point, his health has deteriorated, and he is now very sick. His skin is contaminated and coated in mange. He’s infested with fleas and ticks, and he’s getting eaten alive. He needs our assistance immediately! Buddy cannot live inside the couch for another day, not even one,”

The pooch needs urgent medical help while their trying to bring him to a safe place.

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