Abused Kitten with Heart Full of Love Wants Forever Family for Christmas

Meet Bonnie! She’s a sweet 3-month-old foster kitten in Nashville, Tennessee.

Life hasn’t been fair to poor little Bonnie, but she’s still hopeful someone will give her the fairytale ending she deserves.

Her foster mom, Madeline Fitzpatrick, tells us all about sweet Bonnie in the story below.

A Tragic Past
Poor Bonnie was only 5 weeks old when she was brought to an animal control shelter by a good Samaritan.

A group of children had been kicking her and they broke her hip.

She was then taken to the rescue I foster for, FLUFF Nashville.

At first, we were afraid her leg would have to be amputated.

But, with the help of an orthopedic specialist, her hip was pinned and her leg was saved.

Now, she runs around and plays with the other kittens like nothing was ever wrong!

Despite how adorable and sweet she is, I’ve been fostering her for months and she hasn’t received a single adoption application.

I hope someone special reads this story and gives her a chance.

What is Bonnie’s personality like?
She was named Bonnie because she’s sweet like a Bonbon.

Bonnie is gentle, calm, and loving.

She loves to cuddle. She would be someone’s perfect lap cat!

Her signature move is to roll over for belly rubs.

She will occasionally play with wand toys, but mostly just loves to snuggle!

She’s an angel. She’s so gentle and starts purring the second you pet her.

Bonnie has taught me forgiveness and trust—she adores humans even after all the trauma they caused her.

But little Bonnie’s broken heart healed right along with her hip.

She has so much love to give!

Adopt Bonnie
Bonnie is fully vaccinated, spayed, and ready to be adopted.

She’s located in Nashville, Tennessee.

All she wants for Christmas is a forever family she can call her own.

It’s a mystery why no one seems to want this sweet Bonnie.

After all she’s been through, she deserves a loving home.

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