After A Hit And Run Accident, The Poor Puppy Was Left Dragging Her body In Pain With Broken Shoulders

This poor girl had been hit by a car. She ran into a village and cried for help. The good citizens coordinated to take her to a vet clinic.

She has horrific wounds over her body and lost a lot of blood. Her right shoulder was terribly broken. It was excruciating pain.

But they have to help her to walk again. They administered antibiotics and pain relievers to her.

They also give her acupuncture treatment to help her to walk again. She fights against the pain each day. She’s such a strong young girl. She learns to walk despite she was still in pain.

Her condition is improved every day. She can walk again, and she is safe. She doesn’t stop wagging her tail to thank her rescuer. We’re so thankful for the help of everyone in giving her a new life.

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