After Losing His Job, He Finds Himself Living On The Streets When He Meets A Kitten!

Visiting Chicago last weekend, the founder of Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary happened to be walking back to her hotel when she saw a homeless man on a street corner playing with a cat?

“Of course I had to stop. A little kindness can go a long way. I had extra money in my purse, so I stopped to hand him $20 and asked him about his cat,” said Elizabeth.

When the man saw she was interested in his cat, Casper, his whole face just lit up!

The man whose name was Daniel had found Casper a few months back when he had seen a tiny kitten wandering around an alleyway with no Mom and no siblings.

Daniel picked up the tiny feline and using what few resources he had began to take care of the tiny orphan. He began begging for pet supplies and spending what money he had on cat food. One Good Samaritan even gave Casper his very own cat tent.

Three days after taking Casper off the streets he began to gain weight, and in doing so he became the kitten he was meant to be. Daniel began to nurse the tiny feline back to full health, even finding a not-for-profit organization that helped get Casper neutered and vaccinated.

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