Baby Hid Injured Face After Nasty Owner Dumped Him At Power Company & Drove Off

The kind people from DAR animal rescue received a call regarding an abandoned puppy, writes ilovemydogsomuch

Someone had cruelly dumped him in the courtyard of a power supply company. Thankfully, he was discovered but his condition was deplorable. It is beyond our scope of understanding how anyone could callously leave an animal behind.

The young puppy was hiding behind the bushes in the shade. He was hot, hungry, and in need of medical treatment. Workers passed him by and did nothing! But thankfully, one employee made the call to DAR. Rescuers arrived to help but he was so scared of people.

Unsure if the rescuers were a threat to him, the puppy continued to run away. But no one was giving up on him! When he was finally captured and hugged against his rescuer’s chest, you can see his whole body begin to relax. He even attempted a weak tail wag.

Before the rescuers leave, they ask around about the puppy. No one had any idea who left him there. The puppy is placed safely in the rescuer’s vehicle and then they head to the vet. The puppy is utterly exhausted. His body had been through so much!

The puppy is covered in fleas and ticks. He also has a serious eye injury. Once the vet begins to wipe at his eye, he gently pushes her away. Even though it hurts him, he’s so patient. It’s when the vet turns his ear inside out that you can really see the tick infestation. They’re everywhere and fat with blood. Poor baby!

Each tick has to be removed properly. He then receives a flea bath. The vet also tests for anemia which is common when there are so many parasites. The pup is safe now and eating frequent meals. His days on his own are forever behind him.

He will remain at the vet clinic until he’s medically cleared and then DAR will find him a forever home. We are so grateful that this puppy will be okay. To see his rescue, scroll down and press play!


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