Cat Safety

Bathe cat safely with these 5 steps

Bathe cat safely clean themselves by licking when they are two to four weeks old, and adult cats spend up to 50% of their sleepless time grooming themselves.


You need to prepare to bathe cat safely:

  • Shampoo/shower gel specifically for cats or products that can be used for cats are clearly stated on the product label.
  • Towels, dry towels.
  • Rubber mat (optional).
  • Floating toys such as: ping pong, rubber duck… to distract when the cat touches the water.
  • Brush the cat’s coat thoroughly.
  • You will get wet, so change your bathing suit.

Start showering

First, you have to find a way to wet them without letting them panic, put the toys in a pot without water, put a rubber mat in place, let them play for a while, then we will pour water slowly into the.

If the cat is used to being bathed before, you just need to pick the cat up with one hand, then slowly lower the cat into the basin of warm water (little water) then gradually pour the water up to the belly.

After taking a bath

After wetting the entire coat (still avoiding the head), you lift the cat, apply the body wash all over the cat, gently massage and quickly dry it.

After the soap has been cleaned, we take a clean towel and wipe it thoroughly, but we must avoid strong movements that hurt them. Finally dry the cat.

Let the cat out in the sun

This will help the cat dry quickly and not catch a cold. The sun will make the cat’s drying time faster. Cats will not get sick and be safe.

This is one of the ways to help cats not get sick and you are completely safe because cats love to be in the sun.

However, you need to keep these things in mind to keep your cat safe

  • Learn about different types of soaps carefully, depending on the features and functions of each product. Please check carefully before buying feline vulture.
  • Do not bathe for too long or your cat will easily catch colds and asthma. Because cats have thin skin, they are prone to colds. Also, do not bathe more than once a week.
  • Try to avoid bathing more often than every 4-6 weeks or so.




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