Battered By Man High On Drugs, Street Puppy Shed Real Tears When She Felt Safe

Stray animals struggle daily. Just finding food and water is an ordeal, writes ilovemydogsomuch

Remaining safe from the elements is another daily challenge. What many don’t realize is that there are individuals that consider stray animals to be ‘pests’ and will actually harm them. It’s heartbreaking but it’s a reality in many countries that do not have laws against animal cruelty.

One puppy, who did nothing to anyone, was struck multiple times by a man high on drugs. Her injuries became life-threatening.

When the puppy, later named Leona, was found, she lay totally helpless on the sidewalk. She had infected ears, balance issues, and badly injured legs. She was in such bad shape that she couldn’t even stand up. She was splayed out, waiting for someone to rescue her.

Thankfully, someone did just that!

Leona, merely a baby, was taken to the vet. The doctor knew right away that she would need surgery in order to survive. Leona was also in a lot of pain.

The doctor gave her IV pain medication immediately. You could see Leona as she cried actual tears. But thankfully, things were about to change!

Leona’s surgery went very well. It’s going to take time for her to recover but so far, she’s healing fast. She’s also with a loving caregiver (and animal rescuer) who plans to stop at nothing until she finds the perfect home. Let’s send our prayers out to Leona! She deserves it!


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