Broken-Hearted Pup Eaten By Fleas Curled Up On Road, Too Weak To Keep Going

He curled up into a ball and his little heart just broke.

A tiny puppy was lying on their lonesome in the middle of the road. People walked by him and didn’t bother stopping. Stray dogs are a standard thing to find out during this a part of the planet and to the passersby, he was only one of the many. But we all know that isn’t true. We all know that every life matters! we all know that every life is worth saving.

The little boy was so weak. He was covered in numerous fleas that his poor body was giving out. Each flea that drank his blood contributed to anemia. This baby needed help and he needed it fast! He curled into a ball and his little heart just broke. He felt worthless but that was all close to change.

A woman that works for an area rescue heard about the puppy and raced over. She carefully picked him up and noticed that he didn’t only have fleas, he had thousands of them. He was also infected with Demodex. He needs to be identified as a vet immediately.

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