California Guy Rescues Tiny Hummingbird Stuck In His Garage

Will Salameh from Orange County, Southern California one day found a hummingbird in his garage. The little bird was trapped in his garage overnight.

The poor bird was dehydrated and was lying on the floor in very bad condition. The kind guy decided to help the bird. Fortunately, he had a tiny syringe to feed the bird. When the bird got the sugar water he looked at the guy as if showing his gratitude. After getting his homemade nectar the bird was able to stretch his wings.

Soon the hummingbird was ready to be released to his natural habitat. But the bird was not ready. Will tried to make the bird fly but he returned after a few minutes. However, Will knew that it wasn’t right to keep the bird so he placed the bird in a little plastic box that looked like a beautiful make-shift nest.

Will helped the bird with his fingers and after a few attempts the hummingbird finally flew away to his home.

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