Cat Becomes Best Friends with the Mouse He was Supposed to Catch

Benjamin thought that his cat, Simon, would take care of the mouse problem around the house.

Cats have a reputation for catching mice, but he couldn’t have been more wrong!

A few weeks ago Benjamin began hearing some very strange noises coming from his kitchen. The sounds were faint, happening only occasionally, so he wasn’t too concerned about it.

If there were some little critters in there, surely his faithful cat Simon would take care of them.

Then one day he walked into the kitchen and saw a site that he totally didn’t expect. There was his cat making friends with the mouse!

Benjamin was telling Simon to catch the mouse but Simon was just looking at it and actually appeared to be petting it. He was even allowing the mouse to drink from his water bowl.

He thought the best thing to do was to scoop up the little mouse and take him outside just in case he wanted to escape. It would appear the mouse had other plans because very soon the mouse was back and once again Simon was making friends.

Benjamin decided to record what was going on with his phone because he thought nobody would believe it. Simon is a sweet kitty that grew up with two dogs but his human was still surprised by this very unusual friendship.

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