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Cat safety at Christmas with 6 things

Cat safety at Christmas means keeping your cat, your home, and visitors in mind. While you’re out practicing joining friends at holiday parties, or fighting crowds at the mall for the perfect gift, your cats and kittens are getting into their usual feline mischief in the winter wonderland.

Cats and Christmas decorations

The major distractions to Cat safety at Christmas are the wealth of new decorations we roll out right after Thanksgiving. Your cat has the best part of a month to paw at, chew on, pull down, and get tangled up in everything, including the Christmas tree.

Candles and fireplace hazards

Because a cat is a wily and adventurous beast, it’s critical to be wary of lighting a fireplace or candles during the Christmas holidays. A sturdy screen for the fireplace will keep cats from getting to close and potentially singeing their fur. Where candles are concerned, it might be better to leave them in storage.

Kitchen safety during the holidays

Preparing a Cat safety at Christmas feast often means tending to three or four recipes at once, and a cluttered kitchen can be a minefield of dangers for your cats. If your attention is divided, try keeping cats out of the kitchen. The cat is around as you cook or bake, maintain a line of sight with any sharp utensils or fragile dishware.

 Cats dressed up for Christmas

We all delight in cute pictures of cats and kittens wearing elaborate Christmas costumes. The look of complete discomfort on their faces alone makes us giggle. If you are dressing your cat for inclusion in family Christmas photos, there are some important considerations to keep in mind. Cats do not take to little clothes or costumes with the same ease as dogs.

A kitten is not a present

By all means, you should get your cat a gift for Christmas, but by no means should you give a kitten or any other small animal as a Christmas present. A very different kind of holiday spirit rises in me when I see articles about how to wrap a cat for Christmas, or how to keep a kitten a surprise from children for Christmas morning. Owning a cat should be an informed choice and never a surprise.

Keep guests and visitors in mind

If you are hosting a holiday party during the Christmas season, keep your guests and your cats in mind. Party prep should include vacuuming carpets and furniture for cat hair and restricting your cats to a particular room for the evening. If you’re serving alcohol in the egg nog, detaining your cat for a night can keep Cat safety at Christmas from tasting beverages abandoned.


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