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Cat stand on two legs easily with only 2 steps

Cats stand on two legs is one of the skills that cat owners often teach cats. Cats are extremely intelligent animals and can follow instructions when trained.

Give the cat a taste 

After choosing a suitable treat to train the cat. You should introduce that treat to your pet cat. The attractiveness of the reward cake will make the cat addicted and “despite everything” to eat more.

In addition, cats are inherently gluttonous, so this is the right time to train cats stand on two legs. You should take advantage of this to make training easier.

The Frist cat stand on two legs

Use the reward cake to put it in front of the cat’s nose and then gradually raise the reward cake to high, just a little higher than the cat’s body so that the cat has to reach up to be able to eat it.

Giving your cat just a small sample or a small amount of cream sauce to reward her efforts also encourages the cat to cooperate more.

The second to stand on two legs

Let the cat smell the treat and immediately raise your hand. However, the cake should not be placed too high beyond the height of the cat. At this point, the cat understands that if he wants to eat the cake, he has to be very tall.

So he will stand on his hind legs and raise his front paws to have enough height to eat the cake. If the cat still doesn’t understand, repeat the training a few more times. Regularly repeating the cat will not get bored and easily give up halfway

However, you should pay attention to a few notes below:

  • You need to persevere in daily practice to create a habit for your cat. If you give up and don’t do it regularly, your cat will easily get bored and forget everything you pointed out.
  • You need to be persistent and patient or you will be the first to give up.
  • Have a methodical route and follow a common way, not rambling and using many ways.
  • For the cream sauce when feeding the cat, you just gradually increase the height, she will be tired of the cream sauce and automatically stand up on her hind legs, no need to do it many times.

Hopefully, the article How to train a cat to stand on two legs is extremely simple above will be useful for you in nurturing and playing with your pet cat!

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