Cat With Chromosome Disorder Never Lets Her Differences Hold Her Back

Maya may look a little different but she is a very happy cat and lives her life to the full.

Her story begins when she was found alone behind a restaurant. She was taken to a kill shelter and put on death row because she looked and acted differently – life wasn’t looking good for this one-year-old kitty.

But then in the nick of time the Odd Cat Sanctuary heard of her plight, stepped in and found her a foster home.

They soon discovered that Maya had a chromosomal abnormality, giving her a disorder that is a bit similar to Down Syndrome. Her vision isn’t great and she sneezes a lot but none of this stops her being like any other cat.

After posting her photo on Facebook it didn’t take long to find her a forever home.

And now that she has been adopted she really enjoys her new life with her new family.

Many special needs cats are often overlooked as people think that it could be too much to cope with.

If they are given a chance to shine, they blossom with love as Maya’s new family is now finding out.

A big thank you to the Odd Cat Sanctuary for stepping in and saving this beautiful girl.

Watch the video:

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