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Clicker training Cat Using with 2 steps

Clicker training can help you effectively train your cat through sound and a handful of treats!

Training Cat Is Important

Cat training has benefits that go beyond teaching your cat how to sit. You’re stimulating his body and his mind, which helps keep him healthy. If your cat has a habit of knocking things over and making noise at night, training can help.

Clicker Training Basics

Clicker training is a method of “second-order” positive reinforcement training that uses a sound to communicate when an animal is doing something right. With clicker training, you can easily and quickly teach your cat any type of behavior, ranging from the useful sit and stay to sillier tricks like wave and fetch.

How Does Clicker Training Work?

Using a clicker can make cat training easier and faster—partly because the click sound communicates the exact moment when an animal is doing something right. When training with a clicker, you first teach your animal to associate each click with a reward. Once he understands the click always comes with a treat.

Can You Train Without a Clicker?

If you don’t have a clicker, you can use a pen that makes a clicking sound or simply use a tongue-click, or a one-syllable word such as. Clickers are commonly used by trainers, but any unique sound can work when used regularly and consistently. You can even download a cat clicker app on your phone if you don’t have an actual clicker.

Getting Started: Step 1: Introducing Your Cat

Cats have even shorter attention spans than dogs, so keep your training sessions to just a few minutes at a time. After a few sessions, your cat will begin to catch on.

You can use Clicker training to Sit down with your cat, have a bowl or saucer of treats within reach. Click the clicker, and immediately toss a treat to your cat. Repeat this process at random intervals, as long as your cat is interested. When your cat begins to understand each click sound results in a treat.

Behavior Training with a Clicker

First, make sure you have your cat’s attention. With the clicker in one palm, and a tasty treat in the other, start by holding the treat up to the cat’s nose.  When he begins to sniff the treat, slowly move the treat in an arc from his nose to just between his ears.

The instant your cat’s bottom hits the floor, click and give him a treat—this timing is essential in teaching them the correct behavior.  Repeat this practice several times over your training session.


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