Crawling with feeble agonizing steps, he begs some rescuers to take away so much pain.


For animal lovers, there will never be a reasonable reason for some people to decide to abandon their puppies as if they were an old piece of furniture.

Unfortunately, a high number of puppies have to go through hardships surviving in terrible situations , being abandoned by insensitive owners who treat them like garbage.

He had large welts on his skin from the parasites that were eating him.

Our protagonist is one of those stray dogs that for a long time was wandering from one place to another begging for a comforting caress , or simply, something to eat so as not to starve.

He was found by a group of rescuers who broke their hearts when they saw him, he was totally malnourished, tangled and with such a sad look begging for help.

Rescuers named the puppy Leonard.

Leonard’s state of health was very delicate, his legs were so swollen that he could barely walk , he was covered in fleas and he had a serious condition of scabies.

Of course, the puppy received the help he was looking for, he was transferred to the medical center where he was given food and a very refreshing bath . Ta was only beginning the recovery process and Leonard already had a good attitude.

They applied a special combat shampoo to combat the scabies problem.

Leonard quickly realized that he had fallen into the right hands , unlike unscrupulous beings who abandoned them without any compassion.

The bathroom allowed Leonard to show off his beautiful fur despite being very thin , he is a puppy with a beautiful combination of colors that make him look even more tender.

It has spots between brown and white that make it visually very attractive.

At first Leonard did not trust all his rescuers , but over time he opened his heart and realized that in reality all the people around him only wanted what was best for him.

Leonard proved that with the right people all puppies can be happy.

His rescuers enjoy putting some coats on him to protect him from the cold , something the sweet little dog does very well to win the compliments of all those who have become his angels.

Leonard needed a new permanent family.

The rescue center announced that they had a very spoiled puppy who wanted to have a new family and feel loved.

Luckily, it didn’t take long for a woman to come up and want to meet him, it was a perfect match at first glance, the woman adopted him and made him the new little member of her family . Now Leonard enjoys the comforts of home and all the love he deserves.

We couldn’t be happier for Leonard, he finally found what he was looking for. Share this note on your networks and let’s make viral the incredible recovery of a puppy who decided to find a real home.