Cupid, An Abandoned Two-legged Puppy, Takes His First Steps On New Prosthetic Legs

Cupid is a dog that was discovered in a garbage can in Toronto. He was born without legs, and his family, who had been supportive of him, did not dare to kick him out of the house.

This unfortunate infant was turned down for admission to the shelter and informed he was unsuitable.

Joan Znidarek, a girl who heard an odd noise from the garbage can, saved the infant in the end. She took him to the vet, who fitted him with prosthetic limbs.

The dog couldn’t walk at first, but he quickly began to move after playing with a tennis ball.

Joan shared this adorable puppy tale on social media and was astounded by the response from people all across the world.

Cupid would still be challenging; he’d have to learn to walk and recover while swimming, as well as develop coordination.

Now he is learning to walk by all means, and once he achieves his goal, he will be ready for adoption.

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