Depressed Golden Retriever Walks Over 60 Miles In 2 Weeks To Get Back Home

A golden retriever named Ping An was living with her loving family in Qidong, Jiangsu, China. She enjoyed every minute of her life spent with her owners.

But one day her owners started to renovate their house and made up their minds to take the dog to their friend’s house for a short time till they would finish the renovations.

They drove 2 hours to their friend’s house and gave their beloved dog into safe hands. They said goodbye to Ping An and left. But the poor dog couldn’t feel comfortable there as she missed her owners and her own home very much.

Soon the dog couldn’t bear the homesickness anymore and ran away from there. She walked over 62 miles and was very exhausted and malnourished. Fortunately, the bleeding dog was found by kind people who found the real owners of the dog. They contacted each other and returned Ping An to her lovely owners. They confessed that it was a very bad decision and they would never leave their favorite canine friend anymore.

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