Dog Abused By The Previous Owner, Obsessed Psychology And Bits His Own Leg Till Bleeds When Someone Comes Near

The cause of this strange behavior of the dog made many people cry.

According to Ms. Truong, the owner of this special dog, after adopting the dog for a short time, she discovered that the dog often acted extremely scary.

Specifically, there are times when he is normally happy and suddenly becomes extremely aggressive, even at the most aggressive he will bite his thigh or hind leg so deeply that it bleeds forever. willing to let go. At such times, the dog seems to no longer recognize its owner and is ready to attack anyone who comes close to him.

The dog’s owner shared, in normal times, he is an extremely gentle, loving and extremely intelligent dog. That aggressive expression also doesn’t always appear, which makes her always wonder why the dog reacts like that.

Therefore, although she was a little scared because of the strange behavior of the dog, Ms. Truong still had special affection for the dog. Instead of fearing taking him back to the animal shelter, she decided to take the dog to a doctor to see if the dog’s hind legs were injured or had any problems.

At the veterinary hospital, after a thorough thorough examination, the doctors concluded that the dog’s hind legs and entire body had no injuries. However, through the video recording the dog’s previous behavior, the doctor pointed out a special point, that anyone who appeared in front of him and held an additional object, he would automatically became panic and bit his hind leg, otherwise if he didn’t bring anything closer, he would still be normal.

Through this action, the doctor made a diagnosis that he had a psychological problem, perhaps he had been horribly abused to lead to such a condition.

At this time, the dog’s owner recalled that the rescue station once shared that the dog had been brutally abused by the previous owner for a long time before being rescued. This reason also coincides with the doctor’s previous judgment, after understanding the cause of the dog’s owner feeling extremely sorry for her dog. No one can imagine how much he was mistreated in the end to panic and act like that.

The journey to treat the poor dog
After understanding the cause, the dog’s owner, along with the doctor and some animal experts, studied how to “relieve” the poor dog’s psychological pain. The doctor decided to use some sedative scents for cats and dogs.

The dog seems to like this scent very much, it becomes a lot calmer. Then, the specialist put a bit of that sedative scent on the bandage and wrapped it around the hind leg to reduce the dog’s self-biting behavior. Fortunately, after many efforts, good results were also obtained. The dog’s condition is very good, it is calmer and not as out of control as before. This made the dog’s owner happy to tears.

This little dog’s journey to alleviate psychological pain was even recorded by experts, then shared widely on social networks to convey a message to remind people to stop mistreating animals. general and dogs in particular. Many people who love cats and dogs after watching, feel very sorry, even shed tears because they are so sorry for the poor dog.

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