Dog And Bunny Friend Dumped Together Had Only Each Other To Lean On

Hope For Paws learned of a dog and bunny dumped on the streets together to fend for themselves. Apparently someone had enough of the two and no longer needed or wanted them, writes ilovemydogsomuch

Mary Chatman was able to capture the dog before rescuers could arrive, but the bunny friend was still in danger.

There were many places where the bunny could get away, so Loretta came up with a plan to use the two nets together and lure the little one in ever so gently. She named her Bunchik after her dog who recently passed away as a sweet tribute. They then set off for the animal hospital stopping on the way to get the hungry bunny some fresh vegetables!

The Lovejoy Foundation was able to find friendly Biscotti a loving forever home right away! And Eldad and Loretta fostered Bunchik for a few days until she could be spayed. L.A. Animal Rescue is currently working on finding the bunny a forever home, and neither of these animals will ever have to worry about being abandoned again!


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