Dog Cries And Stands Beside Coffin During Owner’s Wake

Owner of a funeral home in Camaçari, Bahia, Brazil, Jailson Almeida gave a touching account of a puppy’s friendship with his owner, writes valuablestories

Dona Luzinete passed away recently, well known in her neighborhood for her faith, she left good memories for acquaintances and loved ones.

And among the many who loved her, there was one in particular who expressed all his love during the wake: the family’s little dog.

The dog had understood that there would be his last farewell and for not a minute did he move away from the coffin.

The dog out of desperation was crying and wouldn’t let anyone near its guardian. Dogs have pure and true feelings, it is impossible to deny this.

“[…] crying like a person when they lose a loved one, didn’t want to let anyone get close to the coffin,” Jailson wrote in the post.

The people around were surprised by the dog’s reaction. And not for nothing.

The attitude of this dog makes us think about life. If he refused to leave the side of his owner’s coffin, it was because he received all the love a dog deserves. And his gratitude extended until the woman’s death.


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