Dog Dumped For A Second Time Clings To His Old Bed And Refuses To Lift His Head

Chuchi the 13-lb miniature Poodle was inconsolable when his family surrendered him to the Carson Animal Care Center in Gardena, California just 2 days before Christmas.

The family, who had the 6-year-old Poodle for a year, was apparently moving to a new home and they didn’t want Chuchi in their new place.

Sadly, this was the second time Chuchi had been returned by a family that adopted him. After finding himself back in the cold kennel, the dog was gripped with a sense of defeat and hopelessness. He simply plopped down on the bed left behind by his family and kept staring at a distance listlessly. He refused to make eye contact or interact with anyone.

The new rescuers got Chuchi groomed and helped him overcome his trauma of abandonment. Soon, this adorable pooch found his way back to his happy-go-lucky personality! The rescue has updated that Chuchi (now called Charlie Chaplin), has been adopted by couple Karen and Rick, and he is living a cozy life with his doggie sibling, Precious!

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