Dog Found On The Side Of The Road Immediately Snuggles Up With Her Rescuer

Kris Lenker and her husband were driving home from work when they came across a lovely little cat. They mistook her for a juvenile deer at first, but once they realized she was a dog, she did not hesitate to snuggle up to the woman when she was rescued safely.

They slowed down, got out of the car, and attempted to contact her when they noticed her, but she was terrified. She initially paid little attention, but the pair did not give up and chose to continue following her.

“I was afraid, but I understood that he believed in me, We seemed to have gathered for a reason.” Kris told The Dodo

When the woman patted her and assured her that she was safe, the dog sank into her lap and stayed there for the rest of the journey home.

The couple named the dog Reba, and she has been given all of the attention she deserves. She is still as sweet as she was the day she was born, and she enjoys having her tummy stroked.

“She kicks us until we give up and roll onto her back,” Kris explained.

Reba initially refused to be saved, but she now refuses to be separated from her rescuers, even if it means going outside to use the restroom.

“All he wants to do is snuggle up to us and kiss us.” It’s one of his favorite pastimes.” Kris stated

Reba’s health has caused the pair concern because she appears underweight, her jaw is misaligned, and her teeth are in poor condition. As a result, they decided to run some tests with the help of donations.

They eventually discovered that he had been shot and that his jaw had been shattered, which is why he is in such bad shape. She is nothing less than a miracle. Because surgery may worsen her condition, she will have to adhere to a strict diet for the rest of her life, and Kris will be there to assist her.

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