Dog Found Sleeping on the Highway and He’s Most Likely Dumped by Someone

This poor dog was found sleeping alone on the Pranburi Highway flyover. Did someone dump him there or what’s the story, we might never know. But what we know is he is safe at the vet shelter now.

This is Bubba Joe. He has been rescued by Brigitte Persson. He was taken to Hin Lek Fai shelter. He was so scared but he didn’t have any health conditions.

He is the sweetest, cuddliest, funniest, naughtiest, and most intelligent. He is so amazing we want the very best for him. He was found sleeping on the white line on a highway and deserves the very best. Not only because of his sad past but also because he is one in a million.

We’re so grateful for the help of everyone in giving Bubba Joe a second chance. He will live a happy life fulfilled with joy.

Watch the video below.

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