Dog Gets up by Owner & Sacrifices Himself While Trying to Save His Owner from Being Pois.oned

During a walk out, the man in the story below has harvested an unexpected “trophy”.

At that time, this person happened to pick up a recently dead pheasant on the roadside. After he brought the bird home for processing and was about to enjoy this fruit, the dog in the house suddenly barked loudly.

Although the owner shouted loudly, but it seems that the dog still has no intention of stopping. It even barked louder and louder.

Thinking his dog might be hungry, the man threw a piece of meat for him to eat.

However, the result was that the piece of meat remained on the ground, and the barking of the dog continued to be heard.

Seeing that this did not work, the man immediately decided to focus on enjoying the pheasant he had just earned and did not care about the dog anymore.

However, at that moment, the dog suddenly jumped up to grab the piece of meat that the owner was planning to eat, then swallowed it himself.

This action of the dog made this man extremely angry, even intending to raise his hand to hit it.

Unexpectedly, as soon as he saw the next scene, he could only kneel down to hug his dog and sob.

It turned out that after swallowing the other piece of pheasant meat, the dog fell to the ground, foaming in his mouth. Just like that, it passed away painfully with tears still rolling down…

At this point, the man understood that it turned out that the bird he had picked up was poisoned and died. And their family dog saw this.

In order to want the owner not to eat poisonous food, it can only continuously bark loudly to signal. But the man did not understand the meaning of the action.

So in the end, it only had to take that dangerous piece of meat on its own, and then use its own life in exchange for the safety of its master…

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